The story can be viewed by selecting the second icon on the bottom left of the menu. Watching a story will grant 30 quartz and may unlock character backgrounds.

Story selection

This is the hub for visual novel-style stories contained in this game.

Main story

The main story is an original story made specific for this game. It introduces new characters and takes place some time after the shenanigans of the anime's second season. Chapters need to be unlocked by completing main quest battles.

Character story

As you rank up your bond with a character, character stories are unlocked. These stories are small original stories where you get to learn fun new things about Konosuba characters. The first character story is unlocked when a character has reached a bond level of 3 and the second character story is unlocked when the character reaches a bond level of 7.

Konosuba story

You can relive the entire anime story in the in the Konosuba story.



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