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Event screen

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Story synopsis

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Event Info


Event date: March 17th - March 30th.

Medals Exchange date: March 17th - April 9th.

Winter Outfit Erika

Play this event to get an exclusive character: Winter Outfit Erika !

In order to get this exclusive Erika, you need to kill the boss 10 times!

Boss battle

You will have to face the boss multiples times in different levels with increasing difficulty !

Event2 boss battle.png

The first battle is free, next battles will cost boss tickets.

Boss Tickets can be obtained by completing any Story or any Hard story mission!

Farm Hard missions 3 times a day for extra tickets, and for some time we also have double drop from Hard missions!

Battle tips

The troll boss is weak against the water element.

Expect some Area of Effect ultimate that lowers your team's Magic Attack.

The new Erika is very, very useful with this boss.

If you also could craft the last event water dagger, Erika will deal even more damage!

This boss deals Fire Physical damage so bring all your fire resistant accessories!


Even2 medals shop.png

When you defeat the boss, you will get some medals!

These medals can be exchanged for goodies! Like limit break materials, weapon blueprints or even skill potions! You can also get Erika-only skill potions!

We recommend getting the chalices in the exchange shop! As they have a very low drop chance on all the material missions.


Notable rewards