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Event screen

Aqua troll Event Screen.png


Story synopsis

Kazuma’s party are on a quest. Aqua is an extremely good mood. She explains she found a high-reward quest involving investigating an area with no monsters. She even prepared a picnic and is planning to go to a nearby hot-spring town after the investigation. Knowing Aqua’s low luck, Kazuma starts doubting the quest. After checking the quest details, he apologizes to Aqua. Trolls come out and declare they have been waiting for Kazuma’s party. Realising it is a trap, Kazuma starts scolding Aqua, ignoring the trolls. The trolls get angry and attack. After taking care of them, Kazuma blames Aqua again and makes her cry. He then calms down and tell Aqua that, since there are no more monsters, they can go to the hot-spring town and that he looks forward to the picnic. Aqua brightens up.

Event Info

The trolls are invading again! And it seems Aqua's luck is responsible for this! Aqua wanted to take an easy quest with a high reward to slack off and get money! But in the end it was a mischief perpetrated by the trolls to hunt newbies! As all previous troll missions, you need to complete Normal Missions to get boss tickets! With these you can challenge them and defeat them once and for all!


Event date: June 12th - June 21st.

Medals Exchange date: June 12th - June 29th.

Event Rin

Play this event to get an exclusive character: [Please forgive me Kazuma-san!] Aqua!

In order to get this exclusive Aqua, you need to kill the boss 10 times!

Boss battle

You will have to face the boss multiples times in different levels with increasing difficulty !

Aqua troll event boss stages.png

The first battle is free, next battles will cost boss tickets.

Boss Tickets can be obtained by completing any Story or any Hard story mission!

Farm Hard missions 3 times a day for extra tickets, and for some time we also have double drop from Normal missions!

Battle Tips

The troll boss is weak against the Lightning element.

This boss deals Water Physical and Magic damage so bring all your Earth resistant accessories!


Aqua troll event boss exchange.png

When you defeat the boss, you will get some medals!

These medals can be exchanged for goodies! Like coveted Goddess Medals, Weapon Upgrade Materials or even Skill Potions! You can also get Event Aqua-only skill potions!

We recommend getting the Silver Upgrade Materials ! These upgrade materials are an uncommon drop and you'll need a lot of these to level up your gear! In addition, you can exchange medals to get a head start on the new weapons and accessories released with this event.


Notable rewards