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Event screen

Event 1 - main screen-0.png


Story synopsis

The story follows Kazuma and the group to the Hot spring district of Arcanretia and is a retelling of the second season of the anime episode 7-10.


Event 1 - missions 1.jpg
Event 1 - missions 2.jpg


Notable rewards

Hidden drops

Some stages of the event drops hidden rewards (gold item scrolls):

  • Stage 7: Dark Spear
  • Stage 8: Fire Staff
  • Stage 9: Marine Earring
  • Stage 10: Marine Dagger
  • Stage 11: Bright Stick
  • Stage 12: Rock Sword

You can use the scrolls in the blacksmith with other materials to create the weapon!

Reward list

Skill potion (exclusive Megumin- Let's get clean).jpg
Skill potion (exclusive use) Skill training exclusively for 3★ [Let's Clean] Megumin
Marine dagger scroll.jpg
[Event limited] Marine Dagger scroll Blacksmith material
Skill potion.jpg
Skill potion Skill training for 4★ member cards
Skill potion mini.jpg
Skill potion mini Skill training for 1★-3★ member cards
Hydro Lance scroll.jpg
Hydro Lance scroll Blacksmith material
Bright Wand scroll.jpg
Bright Wand scroll Blacksmith material
Shinryuu no Tsuno.jpg
Shinryuu no Tsuno Blacksmith material
Ryuu no Tsume.jpg
Ryuu no Tsume Blacksmith material
Hiryuu no tsubasa.jpg
Hiryuu no Tsubasa Blacksmith material
Mythril ore.jpg
Mythril ore Blacksmith material
Iron ore.jpg
Iron ore Blacksmith material
Branch of a big tree.jpg
Branch of a big tree Blacksmith material
Legendary holy grail.jpg
Legendary holy grail Limit break material
Golden grail.jpg
Golden grail Limit break material
Silver grail.jpg
Silver grail Limit break material
Great magician's spellbook.jpg
Great magician's spellbook Limit break material
Magician's spellbook.jpg
Magician's spellbook Limit break material
Power potion (big).jpg
Power potion (big) Exp
Power potion (medium).jpg
Power potion (medium) Exp
Eris (50k / 10k) Money
Eris medal.jpg
Eris medal Exchange shop medal
Axis medal.jpg
Axis medal Exchange shop medal