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Event screen

Blood Fang Invasion - EventScreen.png


Story synopsis

Translator needed.

Event Info

The great Blood Fang, an even more dangerous foe than the Newbie Killer Panther, a whole pack of those animals are around the city of Axel, every adventurer is called to take care of this situation ASAP! Everyone will be rewarded by doing this!

All you need to do to fight this new menace is to complete any normal quest, then you will get Boss Tickets, use these to beat this dang wolf to a pulp.


Event Duration: 10/12 15:00 - 10/2122:00 (JST)

Event Exchange Duration: 10/12 15:00 - 09/30 22:00 (JST)

Event Rin

Play this event to get an exclusive character:[Hope it lasts longer] Darkness

In order to get this exclusive Darkness, you need to kill the boss 10 times!

Boss battle

You will have to face the boss multiples times in different levels with increasing difficulty!

Blood Fang Invasion - Event Missions.png

The first battle is free, next battles will cost boss tickets.

Boss Tickets can be obtained by completing any Story or any Hard story mission!

Farm Hard missions 3 times a day for extra tickets, and for some time we also have double drop from Normal missions!

Battle Tips

The Blood Fang boss is weak against the Lightning element!

This boss deals Water Physical damage so bring all your Water resistant accessories


Blood Fang Invasion - Event Exchange.PNG

When you defeat the boss, you will get some medals!

These medals can be exchanged for goodies! Like coveted Goddess Medals, Weapon Upgrade Materials or even Skill Potions! You can also get Event Darkness-only skill potions!

We recommend getting the Silver Upgrade Materials ! These upgrade materials are an uncommon drop and you'll need a lot of these to level up your gear! In addition, you can exchange medals to get a head start on the new weapons and accessories released with this event.


Notable rewards

  • Skill potions for [Hope it lasts longer] Darkness
  • Welfare Darkness Skill potions
  • 4★ Skill Potion
  • 3★ Skill Potion
  • 3x Nyablets
  • 6x Green Trial orbs
  • 3x Dark and Red Trial orbs
  • 5x Rainbow Water Staff Blueprint
  • 5x Lightning Resistant Shells Blueprint
  • 10x Eris Coins
  • An Axis Coin
  • 3x Meat pieces