Data Transfer

Data Transfer allows you to move your account from one device to another.

You CANNOT play your account on more than once device.

Warning: once a data transfer is used it cannot be used again so make sure you make another one after using the data transfer

(Currently unverified if you can transfer from Android to IOS or vice versa)


1. Go to the bottom right tab in-game and click on the icon with two phones to start setting up a transfer


2.Create a password for your data transfer

InkedScreenshot 20200229-151123 LI.png

3.Screenshot/save the ID and password by clicking on the button below the information

InkedScreenshot 20200229-151242 LI.png

4.On the start screen press the menu button on the top left corner

Inked0.IV Title screen menu LI.png

5.Choose the bottom left option to data transfer

Screenshot 20200229-151306.png

6.Type in/Paste the ID and Password (the id and password are case sensetive)

Screenshot 20200229-151330.png

7.Data Transfer is complete.

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