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Party composition

A party is composed of front members, back members, sub members, weapons and accessories.

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Front members: members who are designated to fight immediately at the start of the battle.

Back members: members who replace front members in case they fall during battle.

Sub members: members who support front/back members by adding a 30% of their stats (excluding agility, dexterity and luck), 40% if they are the same character and their trait to the front/back member they're linked to.

Weapons/accessories: equipment can be crafted and enhanced at the blacksmith and equipped to members to improve stats and add traits.

Main member details

Clicking on the details button of a front/back member will show you a screen where all the stats and traits are put together, based on the current party composition.

Stat Detail
HP Health value. When it reaches 0 the character retires
Physical Attack Affect damage of physical based attacks/skills
Magical Attack Affects damage of magic based attacks/skills
Physical Defense Reduces damage taking by physical attacks
Magical Defense Reduces damage taken by magical attacks
Agility Affects the speed the character charges to attack/use skills
Dexterity Increase critical rate and skill/attack hit chance
Luck Increase critical rate and skill/attack hit chance
Resistance Affects the damage taken by a specific element

Recommend party composition

You can also let the game compose a party for you. You can instruct the game to focus on specific elements and you can also decide to have it setup your entire party or just specific aspects (main members/sub members/equipment).

4.1.4 Recommended party formation.png

Training member

Member cards can be improved by leveling up, leveling skills and limit breaking.

Level up member card

In order to speed up leveling your member cards, you can use power potions to level up. These items can be obtained from completing free quests.

Level up skills

The regular attack and the 2 non-ultimate skills can be upgraded here. In order to upgrade you either need a reserve member of the member card you want to upgrade or you can buy skill potions in the adventurer medal exchange shop.

The skills to upgrade are chosen at random. When using a reserve member, it can either upgrade a single skills three times, one skill twice and another once or it can upgrade all three skills once.

The ultimate skill is linked to the character, as every member card has the exact same ultimate skill. The ultimate skill is upgraded by improving your bond rank with that character by doing quests and part-time jobs or by giving them gifts in the character interaction screen.

Limit break

You can limit break your member cards in order to increase the level cap of that member card. Materials to limit break are magic tools, which can be obtained by completing free quests. A member card's trait can also be improved by limit breaking 5 times.

Interact with character

You can interact with characters you have obtained member cards of. You can check their profile, listen to voiced lines, change the clothes and background which will change how they look when selected on the home page.

More importantly, you can also check the character's bond rank, which influences additional stats for member cards and the member cards' ultimate attack. You can also improve the bond rank with characters by giving them gifts.

Reserve members

Whenever you obtain a member card you already have, it will turn into a reserve member. Reserve members can be used to upgrade the skills of the same member card or exchange them for adventurer medals. Adventurer medals can be used to exchange for items in the adventurer medal exchange shop.

The rarity of the reserve member determines how many adventurer medals can be obtained from exchanging them:

★★★★ 200
★★★ 50
★★ 5