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[A Toast to the Capital of Water and Hotsprings] Aqua

Aqua - A Toast to the Capital of Water and Hotsprings.png
Rating 8.7 Alternate Outfits Home.png Alternate Outfits Battle.png
Rarity 4★ Element(s) Light element icon.png Light
Role Attacker (Physical) Weapon Wand equipment icon.png Wand

Pros and cons


Aqua's "Shining Buster" is among the strongest AoE attacks in the game. This makes her exceptionally well suited for grinding quests and auto battles.

Aqua is a light element physical attacker with an HP and poison recovery skill. So she'll prove to be very useful in battles against enemies that like to use poison attacks.


While Aqua can function as both a physical attacker and a healer, she doesn't have a buff/debuff skill, nor a skill to cause status ailments on the enemies. This makes her rely on the other members to fully fulfill that role.


Shining Buster
AoE light physical attack III.png
Element: Light element icon.png Light Charge Time: 19 seconds
139% light physical damage to all enemies
Level up effect: damage % up
Highness Heals +
AoE magic heal + cure poison.png
Element: None Charge Time: 24 seconds
Medium HP and poison recovery for all allies
Level up effect: Recovery % Up
ST non-elemental physical attack.png
Element: None
Non-elemental single target attack with 110% physical damage
Level up effect: damage % up
Light Attack Up
Buff light attack.png
Light Attacks Up by 5%
After limit break 5
Light Attacks Up by 7%

Level 60 Stats

Health 1889 Agility 67
Physical Attack 294 Magic Attack 318
Physical Defense 208 Magic Defense 221
Dexterity 77 Luck 10

Elemental Resistances

Fire 0% Wind 0%
Water 20% Light 0%
Thunder 0% Dark 20%
Earth 0% -