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[Overflowing Maternity] Amy

Amy - Overflowing Maternity.png
Rating 8.0
Rarity 3★ Element(s) Wind element icon.png Wind
Role Support Weapon Wand equipment icon.png Wand


Cyclone Shot+
ST wind magic attack I + buff magic defense.png
Element: Wind element icon.png Wind Charge Time: 18 seconds
128% Wind Magic Damage to 1 enemy and all allies Magic Defense Up
Level up effect: Magic Defense effect UP
Highest Heals +
AoE magic heal + cure poison.png
Element: None Charge Time: 24 seconds
Medium HP Recovery for All Allies and Remove Debuffs
Level up effect: Recovery effect UP
Wind Shot
ST wind magic attack.png
Element: Wind element icon.png Wind
100% Wind Damage to 1 enemy
Level up effect: Damage UP
Recovery Skills Effect Up
Buff healing effect.png
Recovery skills are 5% more effective
After limit break 5
Recovery skills are 8% more effective

Level 60 Stats

Health 1571 Agility 65
Physical Attack 219 Magic Attack 275
Physical Defense 167 Magic Defense 194
Dexterity 71 Luck 73

Elemental Resistances

Fire 0% Wind 0%
Water 0% Light 0%
Thunder 0% Dark 0%
Earth 20% -